Bob the Flower Alien
Bob the Flower Alien
Affiliated Dan the Cyborg
Home era 21st century
First appearance "Earth's Guardians"
Last appearance "The New Member"
Portrayed by Matthew Williams

Bob the Flower Alien is a fictional character in the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. Also being a Flower Alien, he was a member of the Time Agency when it was located in the East Region. He was portrayed by Matthew Williams.

Character HistoryEdit

Bob was initially a wild flower alien, before he was caught by Dan the Cyborg in 2009 ("Earth's Guardians"). Dan proceeded to train him like a pet, and he eventually became considered (by Dan, at least) to be a member of the team (much to Liam and Ben's reluctance).

Bob died in 2010 sacrificing himself in order to save Dr Robin Turner from a rabid Flower Alien ("The New Member").

List of AppearancesEdit