Captain Andrais Tobias
Captain Tobias
Affiliated Agent Liam
Time Agency
The Rising Five
Home era 34th century
First appearance "The Fallen Hero"
Last appearance "Judgement Day"
Portrayed by Jon Gransden

Captain Andrais Tobias is a fictional character in the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. He was portrayed by Jon Gransden.

Character HistoryEdit

The leader of the Rising Five, Tobias travelled back in time from the 31st century, only to lose all of his memories of the past. He named himself Jerry Smith, a newsreader, and got engaged. His memories were later refreshed by Agent Liam. Tobias was, however, captured by the Executive's Flower Aliens and then mutated into one ("Point of No Return", "Downfall").

List of AppearancesEdit