Dan the Cyborg
Dan the Cyborg
Affiliated Agent Liam
Home era 21st century
First appearance "Agent Liam"
Last appearance "Best Kept Secret"
Portrayed by Seb Treacy

Daniel Smith, who was turned into a cyborg and then named Dan the Cyborg, was a fictional character played by Sebastian Treacy in Time Agent.

Character HistoryEdit

Daniel Smith was killed and saved by Agent Liam by being turned into a cyborg. 'Dan the Cyborg' then went on many adventures and took part in many missions with Liam.

Along the course of their journeys, Liam and Dan met Danny Gould and Ben Goodlad, who both died along the course of their journey, before meeting Dr. Robin Turner. Not long after recruiting Robin, the trio came across an old enemy, Agent Mortis, who eventually redeemed himself and later became a part of their Time Agent branch, helping them greatly.

In "Best Kept Secret", Dan is shot by a Zakatron and lands in the arms of Mortis. He is then teleported away above a massive hole, which leads to the centre of the Earth. He is then dropped down the hole, as a plan by the Zakatrons (as they needed a cyborg to be dropped, and activate the Sun Destroyer). However, by this time, Dan was becoming human, and the plan backfired against the Zakatrons, destroying them. However, this resulted in Dan's ultimate death.

List of AppearancesEdit