Danny Gould
Danny Gould
Affiliated Agent Liam
Home era 21st century
First appearance "Agent Liam"
Last appearance "Dark Revelations"
Portrayed by Matthew Williams

Danny Gould is a fictional character in the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. He was a member of the Time Agency when it was located in the East Region. He was portrayed by Matthew Williams.

Character HistoryEdit

Danny Gould joined Liam's team in 2008, after an encounter involving a bomb ("Agent Liam"). Whilst very young, he was key in motivating Liam, and always asked the right questions. He was constantly annoyed by Dan the Cyborg, slightly resentful of the fact that they had similar names.

He died during the "Battle for the Blue Box", after being shot by rogue Flower Aliens.

List of AppearancesEdit


  • Matt Williams played Danny from the first episode to the sixth episode, his character also appeared in flashbacks in later series. Matt was recast as Bob the Flower Alien in the specials
  • There is speculation that Matt Williams may be returning to time agent after a 10 year absence due to a cryptic tweet made by him