Katrina Mills
Katrina Mills
Affiliated Agent Liam
Time Agency
The Rising Five
Home era 34th century
First appearance "The Nightmare Forest"
Last appearance "Sins of the Past"
Portrayed by Laura Daykin
Emma Crichton

Katrina Mills is a fictional character in the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. She was a member of the original Time Agency in the 34th century, as well as being a part of the Rising Five. She was portrayed by Laura Daykin and Emma Crichton.

Character HistoryEdit

Katrina Mills, was Agent Liam's ex-girlfriend. The couple had a child, Elizabeth Mills, who Mortis saved in the 31st century ("Sins of the Past"). Mills later turned against Liam and Mortis and attempted to destroy the Earth with the aid of the Zakatrons, but was killed by Liam ("Best Kept Secret").

Change in actressesEdit

In "The Nightmare Forest" and "Best Kept Secret", Katrina was portrayed by Laura Daykin. However, Daykin was unavailable to attend filming for "Sins of the Past", so Katrina was portrayed by Emma Crichton.

List of AppearancesEdit