Dr. Robin Turner
Dr Robin Turner
Affiliated Agent Liam
Time Agency Cardiff Branch
Home era 21st century
First appearance "The New Member"
Last appearance "Judgement Day"
Portrayed by Allan Rafferty

Doctor Robin Turner is a fictional character played by Allan Rafferty in Time Agent.


Robin Turner was a member of the Time Agency Cardiff Branch until they were murdered by a Flower Alien. CCTV tapes had, however, revealed that Agent Mortis had murdered the team, but after Mortis hacked into the real tapes, Robin saw the truth.

For a while Robin was freelancing until he was called in to examine a Rabid Flower Alien by Agent Liam. He witnessed the death of Bob the Flower Alien at the hands of a Rabid Flower Alien. He was, shortly after, recruited as Liam's medical officer for his team.

Robin recruited Alec McDonald (Sam Woodhall) on his journey up to Judgement Day. McDonald suddenly left between the events of "Sins of the Past" and "Judgement Day".

In the final days before Judgement Day, Robin was reunited with a past member of his Time Agency Cardiff Branch, Zoey. She was later taken away by Flower Aliens and turned into one ("Sins of the Past"). Robin killed the Flower Alien, realising that there was no point in keeping her alive.

After Zoey's death and Agent Liam's supposed death, he then left Dartchester to travel the world, realising that there was nothing left for him there.

However, Robin is due to return in the fourth series of Time Agent, as per depicted in a trailer. HIs brother Jackson is also due to appear.[1]

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