15E - "Sins of the Past"
Time Agent episode
Katrina Mills stands on a hill with her daughter Elizabeth.
Time Agents
Billy Treacy (Agent Liam)
Jaime Carroll (Agent Mortis)
Allan Rafferty (Robin Turner)
Jon Gransden (Captain Tobias)
Christopher Thomson (The Executive)
• Nathan Mullins (The Judge)
• Sam Woodhall (Alec McDonald)
• Emma Crichton (Katrina Mills)
• Ciara Beighton (Zoey; uncredited)
• Abbie Plant (Scarlett Brooke; uncredited)
Writer Jaime Carroll
Director(s) Jaime Carroll
Billy Treacy

Jon Gransden
Matthew Perks


Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll

Production code 3.5
Series Series 3
Length 26 mins
Broadcast 14 December 2011
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"One Against an Army" "Judgement Day"

"Sins of the Past" is the fifth episode of the third series of the popular science fiction fan series Time Agent. It was written by Jaime Carroll as part of the third series which is a story told over all six episodes. The episode was originally planned to air on November 13, but was postponed until November 20. A trailer was released in the episode's absense. The episode was later broadcast on 14 December 2011.


The story continues on the penultimate day. Past memories resurface as Liam and Mortis recall their own sins. Robin, Alec and Zoey continue their journey back to Dartchester but will they all make it in time? And in one piece? The Executive's masterplan is in full motion and the finale phase is nearing completion, as Judgement Day is almost upon us...


The actress who originally portrayed Katrina Mills in "Best Kept Secret" was Laura Daykin. However, Daykin was unable to attend filming, so Emma Crichton portrayed Katrina in this episode.[1]


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