Time Agent: Series Three Shooting Scripts
Series Three Shooting Scripts
The cover of the book.
Author(s) Jaime Carroll
Billy Treacy
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform[1]
23 November 2012
Pages 354 pp
ISBN 1-47923-053-7

Time Agent: Series Three Shooting Scripts is a book composing all of the shooting scripts from the third series of Time Agent, with an introduction written by Jaime Carroll and Billy Treacy.[1]


Time Agent Series Three was a huge success, attracting tens of thousands of views and a massively positive response from its fan community.

Now you can read the shooting scripts of the third series. Not only will you discover several be able to experience the same incredible story in a completely different way...[2]


Time Agent: Series Three Shooting Scripts contains the following scripts:


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