Time Agent Magazine
Time Agent Magazine Issue 1 cover
Editor(s) Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
Categories Science fiction fan film magazine
Latest Issue Issue 8 (October 2010)
Language English

Time Agent Magazine was a magazine devoted to the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. Its editors were executive producers Billy Treacy and Jaime Carroll.

It had released eight issues before closure.


Officially sanctioned by Well Billt Productions, the magazine began life in 2010. The first issue was published on 8 February, 2010. The magazines were then published monthly until the seventh issue, which was released on 5 August. Issue 8 was released two months later, published on 19 October, 2010.

After receiving many complaints over the fact that the magazines contained a price, Carroll eventually decided to stop making the magazine, although the decision was controversial amongst fans and many readers of the magazine protested against the cancellation, naming the complaining critics "idiots".


The first issue began the main features of the magazines, including the regular "Production Notes", written by Jaime Carroll (later by Billy Treacy, also). Each issue also included A "News and Announcements" section, which updated readers of the newest announcements on the series.

Interviews were a regular feature in the magazine, with interviews on the main cast and crew.

Another feature was the "TA Database Files" (Time Agent Database Files), also known as the "Fact Files". They reviewed different characters of the series, and included a 'Top 5 Moments' of the character.

"Episode Review" also reviewed episodes of the series, beginning with the first episode, "Agent Liam". Opposite to "Episode Review" was "Episode Preview", which previewed the upcoming episode. This feature stopped in Issue 7, where there were no more episodes to be released for another year.

Issue 2 saw the beginning of the "Comic Strip", which featured members of the Time Agent team, most notably Liam and Dan. The same issue began the "Behind-the-Scenes" special section and the "Competition" feature.


Editor/s Duration Issues Range Total
Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
2010 1–8 8