Time Agent alien
An example of the Venators.
First appearance "Memoirs of the Lost"
Last appearance "Downfall" (so far)

The Venators are a fictional extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent.


Venator Twitter pic

The Venator species are known for their rather eloquent manner of speaking. Whilst on the surface they may appear harmless and somewhat childlike, they pose a genuine threat.

In 2009, two Venator brothers were prevented from dropping a nuclear bomb, and in 2010, they attempted to boil the earth by speeding up the process of global warning. Whilst they have argued these acts are justified as acts of vengeance, one admits openly that they didn't care about the death of their brother.

The Venators are involved in combat against the Time Agency at one point, with Liam shown to be attacked by one in a combat situation.

The Venators are due to return in the fourth series of Time Agent.[1]


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